The effectiveness of education and economic growth
Autor: Marek Biernacki

The insurance market in Poland – an analysis of the current situation and development prospects
Autor: Marta Borda, Wanda Ronka-Chmielowiec

Degressive proportionality in the European Parliament
Autor: Katarzyna Cegiełka

Degressive proportionality – source, findings and discussion of the Cambridge Compromise
Autor: Piotr Dniestrzański

Varying effectiveness of teaching versus class size
Autor: Wiktor Ejsmont

On some extremal problem in discrete geometry
Autor: Jan Florek

A comparison of the behaviour of market option prices in relation to option prices resulting from the Black-Scholes model during periods of a bull and bear market
Autor: Maria Forlicz

On some modification of the sum-quota sampling scheme
Autor: Wojciech Gamrot

The normality of financial data after an extraction of jumps in the jump-diffusion model
Autor: Albert Gardoń

Aggregate dependent risks – risk measure calculation
Autor: Stanisław Heilpern

Extraction of cyclical fluctuations – two methods illustrated by the example of a demographic variable
Autor: Joanna Krupowicz

Adjustment function as a tool for distribution of seats in the European Parliament
Autor: Andrzej Misztal

The effect of common risk on group insurance
Autor: Anna Nikodem-Słowikowska

Arbitrage in economics and elsewhere – facts well known and less known (three papers on arbitrage ideas, modeling and pricing – yesterday, today and tomorrow) – introduction to the series
Autor: Wojciech Rybicki

The primer on arbitrage conceptions in economics: their logics, roots and some formal models (historical and bibliographical notes)
Autor: Wojciech Rybicki

The issue of PD estimation – a practical approach
Autor: Paweł Siarka

Vintage analysis as a basic tool for monitoring credit risk
Autor: Paweł Siarka

Analysis of nominal data – multi-way contingency table
Autor: Agnieszka Stanimir

Notes on line dependent coefficient and multiaverage
Autor: Andrzej Wilkowski

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